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VC777   Thomas Steele

Name   Thomas Steele   No.   811   

VC Issue No.   777   Awards   VC   

Regiment   Seaforth Highlanders, 1st Battalion

Later   The Highlanders

Now   4th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland

Rank VC Won   Sergeant

Rank End Of Career   Sergeant

Place Of Birth   Claytons, Springhead, Saddleworth, Gtr Manchester , England

Place Of Death   At his home, 1a Walkers,  Springhead, Saddleworth, Oldham, Gtr Manchester, England

Buried/Location Ashes   St Anne's Churchyard, Lydgate, Gtr Manchester, England

Cremated   Hollinwood Crematorium, Oldham, Gtr Manchester, England

Date Buried/Cremated   17 July 1978

Headstone   Ashes removed   Plot/Grave no.   Ashes removed

Gazetted   8 June 1917

VC Presented   10 April 1919 by King George V at Buckingham Palace, London, England


P  Family Gravestone, St Anne's Churchyard, Lydgate, Gtr Manchester, England

P  Victoria Cross Memorial Plaque, Church Terrace, Oldham, Gtr Manchester

By The Way…

Thomas played professional Rugby League for the Belle Vue Rangers

VC Held By

The Lord Ashcroft collection I.W.M



VC 776 VC 778
VC 776
VC 778

The First World War

BORN   6 February 1891

DIED   11 July 1978   AGE   87

VC Won   22 February 1917   AGE   26

Place VC Won   Shumran Bend, Sanna-y-Yat, Mesopotamia, (Now Iraq)

War/Campaign   First World War 1917