David Harvey - For guidance and inspiration

Kim Smith - Booking agent and tour organiser

David Izard - I.T. Consultant to Whitty (He tells me what buttons to press)

Neil Eggleton - Photo contributor from places far and wide (Gibraltar, Madeira, Jersey & Edinburgh)

Mike Jackson - For a wealth of material from around the world

Simon & Charlotte Higson - For so many wonderful pictures, detective work & encouragement

Ted & Jane Moore - For their work in Cyprus

Andrew Webster - for work in New Zealand

Nick & Lorna Martin - For work around the world including Belize & the St. Vincent Passage

Pam Brown - For work in France

Tony Goddard - For so much help, support, inspiration & for so many great contacts

Barrie Board - For work around the world

Peter Naylor - For work in Blackpool

Anne Sear - For work in the UK

Leigh Gilliver - For work in the USA

Martin Jones - For finally cracking Bermuda

Roy & Pat Surman - For their in depth work in Malta

Andrew Stuart - For work in Ireland

Dave Hill - For his work in Cyprus

Karl Bond - For his work in Australia

John & Judy Bartley WFA members Surrey - For their work on the fields of Gallipoli

Jo Hodgson - For so much from far and near

Eric & Sue Ahlquist - For all their work in Malta

Graham Fry - Events Manager, Salisbury City Council for his help with Tom Adlam VC

David Crockett - Membership & Club Secretary Salisbury Royal British Legion.

Elaine Hare from Thatcham Council for her assistance with the Alexander Buller Turner Howitzer Memorial

Terry Rogers - Honorary Archivist, for his very informative & detailed tour of Marlborough College

Mike & Flic Streatfield - For work in Canada

Michael, Kate & Ruth Pagan - For photos in Glasgow

Anthony Staunton - For his valued contribution in providing accurate information

Paul Watkins - For photos, help and advice

Jill Shepherd - Librarian and archivist at Wellington College, for a brilliant tour, help and information